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FURORE Edition Ten ‘FURORE x Pieter Stockmansblauw’

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For its tenth edition, FURORE is launching an exclusive collection in collaboration with the internationally recognised Studio Pieter Stockmans. In both the beauty of the craft and the colours and shapes of the porcelain, FURORE designer Elke Baert has found a profound resonance with her slow fashion brand, which is reflected in the new collection.

A collection that is graced with restraint and in which white is a universal foundation. Because just as Elke Baert always begins with white when building her colour palette, artisanal porcelain also starts from a white base. Featuring colour accents in the unique and patented Pieter Stockmans blue, FURORE Edition Ten unmistakably bears the stamp of Studio Pieter Stockmans.

Interwoven craft

The collaboration with Studio Pieter Stockmans and the link to the art of porcelain embodies Elke Baert’s love of craftsmanship. She refers to the essence of the manufacturing industry: turning pure raw materials into something tangible by hand. In Baert’s view, we tend to forget that fashion is also a craft. Not just the thinking behind it, but also the manufacturing process that relies on expertise, patience and many human hands. This is the only way to create slow fashion that, like a beloved porcelain object, is passed on from generation to generation.

Or, as Pieter Stockmans himself says, “With our artisanal know-how, we write our part of the story. By setting your table and embellishing your interior with the porcelain, you complete it with your own story.” Following that vision, Elke Baert wants to encourage women to enrich their wardrobe as well as their identity with FURORE Edition Ten.

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Interwoven prints

Both Studio Pieter Stockmans and FURORE delight in the interplay between functionality and artistry. A dynamic that is reflected in the creative design language of the garments in Edition Ten. But also in the exclusive jewellery collection that FURORE has added to its tenth edition. Conceived by Studio Pieter Stockmans’ head designer Frank Claesen, the handmade porcelain accessories are a nod to the two brands. Arise combines a knitted necklace with a blue and white porcelain pendant that echoes the elements of the FURORE logo, for example. Whereas the porcelain crosses in Asign and Across allude to the connections that make the garments whole. The jewellery collection includes six designs: four necklaces, a pair of earrings and a set of three brooches.

“I experience fashion as an applied art. In the sense that when designing, I always couple the artistic with the functional.
But also in the sense that the clothing reinforces the unique personality and identity of the FURORE woman.”
– Elke Baert, designer, FURORE


Fragility and strength

Porcelain looks fragile, but it is also a robust and durable material. It is practical yet precious. The same qualities that are found in FURORE’s clothes. The designs are sophisticated and feminine, and made from high-quality materials that can be worn everyday but are long-lasting.

FURORE Edition Ten reflects the material characteristics of porcelain. For instance, the transparent fabric symbolises the translucency of porcelain when it is held up to the light. The soft cotton-silk recalls the smooth surfaces of Stockmans’ hand-made porcelain objects. The sintering process makes the porcelain waterproof, increases its hardness and eradicates all traces of fingerprints. The check pattern of the Bevetro blouse and Padras jumper reflect Stockmans’ square tableware.

The Limited

In the limited edition, the Bluette blouse evokes the white canvas and subtle lines in Pieter Stockmans blue that distinguishes the studio’s porcelain dinnerware. Three exclusive Stockmans-designed brooches can be pinned onto the blouse or worn as cufflinks or lapel pins. Ideal as an exclusive gift. With their colour mix of white and Pieter Stockmans blue, the Parando jumper and Portia cape are reminiscent of the special dégradé effects in Stockmans’ artistic wall objects, amongst other pieces. Together, these comprise The Limited by FURORE Edition Ten.

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Vibrant colour palette

In keeping with Elke's vision, everything in FURORE Edition Ten can be combined with items from the previous editions. The collection therefore includes accents of spun sugar pink, blueberry blue and the signature colours black and navy from The Official / N.O.S. collection. The monochrome pieces are complemented by a vibrant variegated jacquard in two colourways. While the blue-and-white pattern creates a cloud-like design, the pink-purple colour palette offers a more floral look. Depending on how you combine the jacquard pieces – such as the Boville blouse, Cherto jacket, Dinela dress and Tampado trousers – the shades spring to life in different ways.

“Porcelain cannot be shaped; on the contrary, it shapes those who make it.”
– Studio Pieter Stockmans

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Tibio Trousers
F BOVILLE 003 20 01
Boville Blouse
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Coletta Coat
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Donde Dress