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Furore The Limited Edition Five Raveel2

Edition Five. Inspired by Raveel's Garden with Cart to Transport the Sky

For FURORE Edition Five, fashion and art are once again intimately entwined. This time, designer Elke Baert found inspiration in the oeuvre of Belgian painter Roger Raveel (1921 - 2013), whose birth centenary is currently being celebrated with comprehensive retrospectives at both BOZAR and the Roger Raveel Museum.

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7 F4 A332 Plat

Edition Four. Inspired by Magritte's Le Beau Monde

Furore Edition Four is the result of a new collaboration with the heirs of the Belgian surrealist painter René Magritte. The collection is a combination of fresh colorways, flowy pleated fabrics and a subtle grid pattern, typical of three of the best-known elements in Magritte's iconography: the curtain, the apple and the clouds.

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Gent Festival Für Jan Van Eyck Bjorn Comhaire 40 van 67

Furore Ambassador and radio host Greet Samyn on fashion as an expression of her personal identity

Meet Greet Samyn, one of Belgium's warmest voices and proud Furore Ambassador. However, radio is not her only passion. She gives introductions to concerts, lends her voice to commercials, leads spoken-word labs for adolescents and so much more. We interviewed Greet about her passions and how she expresses herself through fashion.

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