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Edition Nine. ‘Life’s different roads’

Furore treads a new path with Edition Nine which, as always, is linked to the previous collections and the brand’s strong vision on sustainability. ‘Life’s different roads’ is inspired by the diverse paths we follow. Just as nature creates its own organic trajectories, people intuitively discover new and better roads to travel.

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Edition Eight. 'No time to waste'

No time to waste. Our planet is heating up faster than ever, which leads to various challenges. We really have no time to lose! There is no time left for even more waste, squandering or surpluses. If there was ever a time when sustainable design, production and purchasing practices were a dire necessity, it is now. We must reuse and rethink in order to make a positive impact in helping to bring about the transition from fast to slow fashion.

To reinforce this message, designer Elke Baert incorporated fabrics and materials left over from previous editions into the pieces she created for FURORE Edition Eight. Following the Flanders DC’s ‘Close The Loop’ project, Elke Baert is gradually pushing for sustainability through this approach. The collection was given the name ‘No time to waste’ to reflect the brand’s philosophy, with a strong focus on the idea of creating a sustainable wardrobe of high-quality items that can be worn season after season.

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Edition Seven. Inspired by the human fingerprint & deep troubles oceans

For FURORE Edition Seven, designer Elke Baert was inspired by the myriad colours of the Ocean. Covering the majority of our planet, it is certainly deserving of a capital letter. But it is more than just water. The Ocean whispers something in our ears – we humans – and shakes us awake with every wave. For although we admire nature, we also pollute it with waste and leave our fingerprints everywhere.

The latest FURORE edition, which is entitled ‘Whispering Waters’, translates this duality into a thought-provoking collection designed to amaze and encourage us to do things differently. Once again, our slow fashion brand has deliberately taken a ‘less but better’ approach. We have also worked with a fabric made from recycled PET bottles for the first time.

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