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The Limited
'The Limited' consists of unique designs with artistic influences and/or specific collaborations that inspire Elke Baert, Furore’s designer. The current 'Limited Edition' series is the result of a collaboration with the heirs of the Belgian surrealist painter René Magritte. The 1963 artwork 'Les princes de l'automne' was the source of inspiration for an inhouse designed - and therefore exclusive - print. The latest collaboration features several distinctive designs in deep colors, silky soft fabrics and with an interplay of lines, diamonds and circles. These luxurious 'Limited Edition' collections are always characterized by remarkable and precious materials, limited editions and a unique character with a contemporary touch.
F TALENTOLA 043 473 01
Talentola Trousers
F BERNADETA 041 605 01
Bernadeta Blouse
F BERNALA 043 473 01
Bernala Blouse
F DOMANIA 041 605 01
Domania Dress
F ALIX 041 605 01
Alix Scarf
F AXELLE 043 473 01
Axelle Scarf