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The Limited
For FURORE Edition Seven, designer Elke Baert was inspired by the myriad colours of the Oceans, that cover the majority of our planet and leave a deep impression on us. They whisper something in our ears – we humans – , shake us awake with every wave and let us dream and enjoy. For although we admire nature, we also pollute it with waste and leave our fingerprints everywhere.

For Edition Seven’s ‘The Limited’ collectionElke Baert translated her own children’s fingerprints – made in soft green and pink paint – into a unique print on fabric made from recycled PET bottles. In this way, she creates a link between the fingerprints we leave in the Ocean and the example that we should set for future generations.

In addition to this special print, the ‘Limited Edition’ boasts another eye-catcher: the turquoise checked jacquard Corrali trench coat. The water-repellent, glossy fabric and detachable hood add a practical touch to an all-season essential, while the cut ensures it will always look stylish.
F DELICE 047 6330 01
F DELICE 047 6330 01
Delice Dress
F ALISE 047 6330 01
Alise Scarf
F PAJETI 327 10 01
Pajeti Pullover
F DECORA 078 623 01
Decora Dress
F APELLI 078 623 01
Apelli Haarband
F ALADA 145 42 01
Alada Scarf
F TROSSA 145 42 01
Trossa Trousers
F TOPPI 145 42 01
Toppi Top
F PADOVAS 320 20 01
Padovas Pullover
F ADORO 325 20 01
Adoro Scarf
F TROSSA 137 605 01
Trossa Trousers
F TOPPI 137 605 01
Toppi Top