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FURORE Edition Nine ‘Life’s different roads’

F PARIO 334 675 0 X

To translate this message, designer Elke Baert has once again taken inspiration from nature and architecture. In the thoughtful details of Edition Nine, we recognise the formal language of natural and landscaped pathways. Like the contrasting lines on the Padovo cardigan’s sleeves, one continuous and one interrupted. Or the pleats that create a subtle interplay of dancing lines down the front of the Daido dress.

Reuse. Rethink.

The colour prism

As in previous editions, Furore’s colour palette is built around the central colours of white and off-white. These shades also form the foundation of the ‘The Official’ collection, Furore’s ‘Never Out of Stock’ range. In Edition Nine, white symbolises the crux of our paths: the trunk from which branches spring, the mouth of a river, the centre of a spider’s web, the coloured refractions of a prism.

Natural shades of midnight blue, lime and seaweed green complement the central colour of white. Pale pink and flamboyant fuchsia both add colourful, eye-catching accents to the existing Furore wardrobe. Two striking colours that connect back, each in their own unique way, to previous editions. As a result, they combine effortlessly with existing pieces. This underscores the Furore ethos: innovative items that remain timeless because they build further on each other and move independently of trends.

SFEER journal

Interwoven prints

Edition Nine features a range of designs in one or two monochrome hues. From existing favourites like the Porto cape and Dotazia dress, to new silhouettes such as the Balisio and Bowie blouses. These essentials are complemented by the distinctive prints designed by Elke Baert.

The off-white versions of the Branzo blouse, Dalida dress and Coleta coat, the latter of which has a luxurious woven texture, add extra layering. The print is reminiscent of the twists and turns that inevitably arise in our chosen roads. Elke Baert’s asymmetrical print on the Passata jumper was inspired by lichens. In the dynamic, speckled drawing, you can almost see the mosses growing and spreading sumptuously across the surface.

F BRANZO 030 680 02
F PORTO 332 700 01

The Limited

The most prominent eye-catchers of Edition Nine are ‘The Limited’ items: special designs in exclusive editions. The limited-edition Dalida dress and Branzo blouse feature a delicate but dense linear print in seaweed green on midnight blue. The short-sleeved Pario pullover is the perfect canvas for a botanical play of lines in an intricate melange of indigo or pink/green. The striations in these designs embody patterns like the veins of a leaf, a snail’s trail, an interwoven network of waterways ... Lines that arise slowly and organically but have great impact. Just like Furore’s slow fashion.

An endless path

Furore consciously opts for fewer pieces and sustainable fabrics that will last. With Edition Nine, Elke Baert wants to entrance us but also make us think about the following question: how can we travel a longer and better path with fashion? Change is undoubtedly needed. To achieve it, action is essential. Because just as nature adapts by changing course, we too have the ability to create a more beautiful and endless path, all thanks to twists and breaks.

F BALISIO 063 20 0 X
F BOWIE 007 300 02
Bowie Blouse
F PIONELA 354 20 01
Pionela Pullover
F DADO 016 300 01
Dado Dress
F BRANZO 014 20 01
Branzo Blouse