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FURORE Edition Seven


For FURORE Edition Seven, designer Elke Baert was inspired by the myriad colours of the Ocean. Covering the majority of our planet, it is certainly deserving of a capital letter. But it is more than just water. The Ocean whispers something in our ears – we humans – and shakes us awake with every wave. For although we admire nature, we also pollute it with waste and leave our fingerprints everywhere.

The colours of the Ocean

The Edition Seven colour palette reflects the diverse natural elements in the Ocean’s depths. As in previous editions, the spectrum embraces the central colour white. In all its purity, white still symbolises hope, but this time also the reflection on the surface of the water.

The principal colours in Edition Seven are pale aquamarine and deep Ocean green. These verdant tints also create a bridge to the woods and forests on land. Seashell beige, pebble grey and surf white can all be found in the ‘The Official’ or Never Out of Stock items, which are perennial favourites and always produced in small batches.

Dark shades of brown and blue create the necessary accents, just as rusty spots mark the waste in and around the sea. The link between man and nature is also made tangible in the collection. Our presence as humans is felt through beautifully nuanced pinks, which indirectly connect us to the Ocean’s radiant – but struggling – coral reefs.


A tactile visual language

Plastic bags and fishing nets – in shades of turquoise and white – drift aimlessly in the Ocean. Our fingerprints are all over them, that much is certain. During her research, Elke Baert also discovered our unique print by the artist Luke Bugbee. Using a paper quilling technique, he captured his wife’s fingerprint in a marine-hued artwork. By combining two types of knitwear in the Poldia jumper, a texture is created that references both the refined crafting technique and the whorls of our fingerprints.

The undulations of the seabed or a wet beach, created by the motion and movement of water, are reflected in designs such as the Pari skirt, the Piazza and Perugia jumpers, the sleeve detail on the Biega blouse and the waistband on the Jadou blazer. The tangled knots of bags and nets are translated into the use of cords and strap systems in the FURORE outfits.

F PERUGIA 337 311 01
F BIEGA 004 771 02

The Limited

Elke Baert translated her own children’s fingerprints – made in soft green and pink paint – into a unique print for Edition Seven’s ‘The Limited’ collection. In this way, she creates a link between the fingerprints we leave in the Ocean and the example that we should set for future generations.

The coloured halter dress Delice can be adjusted at the waist and neck. This unique design is produced in a limited edition and can be finished with the matching fingerprint scarf Alise or the soft wool Porto cape in pink or deep Ocean green.


In addition to this special print, the ‘Limited Edition’ boasts another eye-catcher: the turquoise checked jacquard Corrali trench coat. The water-repellent, glossy fabric and detachable hood add a practical touch to an all-season essential, while the cut ensures it will always look stylish.

Step by step to a sustainable future

The timeless vision through which the editions build on each other is just one of the ways in which FURORE is writing an ethical fashion story. In addition, the Belgian brand seeks out sustainable fabrics and conducts research into a more circular way of working. For the new edition, Elke Baert experimented with a fabric made from recycled PET bottles. A conscious step towards complete circularity.

“Just as we want to shine through in the outfit that best expresses our personality, nature should also be able to flourish without our – insistent – fingerprints being visible everywhere. This edition encapsulates that message for current and future generations.

Elke Baert

F PORTO 332 771 01
Porto Cape