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Life's different roads
Furore treads a new path with Edition Nine which, as always, is linked to the previous collections and the brand’s strong vision on sustainability. ‘Life’s different roads’ is inspired by the diverse paths we follow. Just as nature creates its own organic trajectories, people intuitively discover new and better roads to travel.

To translate this message, designer Elke Baert has once again taken inspiration from nature and architecture. In the thoughtful details of Edition Nine, we recognise the formal language of natural and landscaped pathways. Like the contrasting lines on the Padovo cardigan’s sleeves, one continuous and one interrupted. Or the pleats that create a subtle interplay of dancing lines down the front of the Daido dress.

The limited-edition Dalida dress and Branzo blouse feature a delicate but dense linear print in seaweed green on midnight blue. The short-sleeved Pario pullover is the perfect canvas for a botanical play of lines in an intricate melange of indigo or pink/green. The striations in these designs embody patterns like the veins of a leaf, a snail’s trail, an interwoven network of waterways ... Lines that arise slowly and organically but have great impact. Just like Furore’s slow fashion.
F PARIO 334 716 0
F BRANZO 030 680
F PARIO 334 716 01
Pario Pullover
F DALIDA 030 680 01
Dalida Dress
F BRANZO 030 680 01
Branzo Blouse