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FURORE Edition Six

F BERNALA 078 623 01

For FURORE Edition Six, designer Elke Baert found inspiration in the powerful performance by Afro-American word artist Amanda Gorman. With her poem ‘The Hill We Climb’ during Joe Biden’s inauguration, Gorman put herself on the international literary map in an almost iconic way. Her means of achieving this – through a big hand gesture and with a distinctively bright outfit – did not just appeal to Elke Baert’s imagination; with her ‘message of unity’ and graceful gestures, Gorman touched the entire world. This makes her nothing less than a woman at the age of influence in Baert’s eyes: a true FURORE woman.

Embracing and connecting

In addition to designer Elke Baert, the Ghanaian painter Raphael Adjetey Mayne was also inspired by Gorman’s hopeful message. He experimented with a particularly colourful and narrative portrait that radiates resilience after the gloom of the pandemic. The artwork – just like Amanda Gorman herself – embraced the world in no time at all. The poet’s hand gesture and smart appearance, in a vivid yellow jacket, captured everyone’s attention. With her resolute and deliberate words, she embraced all those seeking peace and beseeched the audience to lay down their weapons and to hold one another. Read: to connect.

Elke Baert has translated the connection between strength and colour into striking juxtapositions for FURORE Edition Six – both in terms of fabric and construction – and makes a subtle reference to the link between who we are and what we do, irrespective of our origins. An eye-catching detail in this edition is the incorporation of a braided cord, which symbolises intertwined fingers and a mutual embrace. In the knitwear, the same idea is articulated through the combination of cotton and mohair.

Amanda gorman by raphael horizontaal

Recognising resilience and colour

In FURORE Edition Six, designer Elke Baert flanks the recurrent shade of white with decidedly optimistic colours: the intense ‘Yves Klein blue’ of Mayne’s portrait and the fresh ‘mellow yellow’ of Amanda Gorman’s stunning jacket. The hue of the poet’s headband, which she wears like a crown, alludes to the beautiful ‘mandarin’ from FURORE Edition Five. In this way, it (unwittingly) forms a link between the two collections. Or to put it another way: the colours are complementary to previous editions, allowing the wearer to keep building her wardrobe across the seasons.

F TORROLA 004 623 01
F DECORA 071 101 03

The Limited

Elke Baert has translated the flowers in Raphael Mayne’s painting and Amanda Gorman’s linguistic fireworks into an abstract print. Combined with the characteristic FURORE check, this pattern in ‘The Limited’ collection forms a compelling and artistic addition to a sustainable and timeless wardrobe. As before, the Belgian textile printing company Digitex has produced the design using water-based dyes.

F POSTO 328 20 04

In addition to the Bernala blouse, the Decora dress and the Adoro scarf in this exclusive print, ‘The Limited’ collection also boasts a remarkable sweater that unites two different materials via strong colour blocking. The luxurious quilted jacket, Jipetos, has been crafted out of recycled PET bottles in a small edition of only seven pieces. Its exclusive print thus connects the colour palettes of Edition Five (mandarin) and Edition Six (Yves Klein blue) with the white and light blue used in the Never Out of Stock collection or ‘The Official’. Sustainability at its best!

Elke Baert has translated the connection between strength and colour into striking juxtapositions for FURORE Edition Six