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Furore Edition Three

Les Princes de l Automne Magritte

Within Edition Three, "The Limited" - like Edition Two - derives its inspiration from an original artwork by René Magritte. In this collection, the work 'Les princes de l'automne' from 1963 serves as inspiration for the use of warm colors and the placed print. The work is an ode to the golden autumn that is characterized by a warm red glow through nature and a decay of the protective canopy, reduced to its veined fundamentals.

The positioning of the trees and veins forms a shade in 2D that designer Elke Baert has translated into an abstract interplay of lines, which take on different positions. If you look closely, you will also see the subtle bell that returns in the print in the form of the Furore circle - an abstract and powerful landmark throughout all Furore collections.

Furore x Magritte
Edition Three

The Belgian slow fashion brand Furore has just launched its third collection. This Edition Three - as always a seasonally transcending collection - is characterized by deep colors, a typical play of lines and luxurious fabric choices. The cut of each design, the interplay between light and textured fabrics and the numerous multifunctional elements make this sustainable assortment a collection where architecture and fashion meet.

Furore Edition Three is the result of a new collaboration with the heirs of the Belgian surrealist painter René Magritte. The collection is a combination of warm tones, soft fabrics and fiery contrasts, typical of the abstract autumn scene that inspired this edition.

Furore Edition3 09