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Edition Two. Inspired by Magritte's Nuages et Grelots

Nuages et grelots Magritte

Global problems - such as sustainability and the impact of the current Corona crisis, which sometimes takes on life-threatening allures - need smart solutions. Furore offers an answer to the many challenges that the fashion industry faces today.

The slow fashion brand does this in the form of sustainability, translated into seasonlessness, a conscious use of fabrics, the choice of the right suppliers who contribute to a better future and puncturing the linear 'take-make-waste' system. The print used in Edition Two was appropriately named: Clouds of the Future.

The result is a dreamy collection with "hopeful" white light, sky-blue Magritte tones, soft textures and of course lots of clouds.

Furore x Magritte
Edition Two

The new collection, which builds on Edition One, has a very arty side. The result of a succesful collaboration with the heirs of the Belgian surrealist painter René Magritte.

Thanks to this partnership, designer Elke Baert can use a work of art by Magritte as a source of inspiration for the design of her collection. She follows in the footsteps of, among others, leather goods Delvaux, the Belgian Samsonite, the men's label Café Costume and the famous Jules Destrooper biscuits.

In Furore Edition Two, the artwork 'Nuages ​​et Grelots' from 1951 serves as a source of inspiration, for both the use of color and the developed fabric print. In this work Magritte sheds light on "problems" on the basis of "bells" from his childhood years - which remind him on the one hand of "horse and cart" and on the other hand of the carnival "Gilles de Binche". In addition, he uses the well-known feather-light "clouds" that resemble "dreams". The connection with the Furore logo, which stands for the circular economy (the circle) and the power of empowerment (the underlying indent), creates hope and positivism.

“The surreal is but reality that has not been disconnected from its mystery.” - René Magritte